An Inner Vision Crystals Guide

Moldavite inspires many myths and urban legends. Many believe that it has the power to open doors into another dimension. While others think it is a stone from an alien planet. A common myth is that the moldavite stone smells strange. What is the basis of this statement, recommended reading? 

One thing is clear, moldavite has no smell. It does not have a smell and no one should think that it has an aroma. A meteorite hitting the surface melts rock and creates tektite. This mineral does not grow on trees.

How did it start? While some people claim to have smelled their moldavite stone, this is not the source of the odor. This is more than likely caused by lingering oils, or other compounds, on the stone surface. These substances have, over time absorbed and resisted scents.

But even if it does, there’s no need to be alarmed. Not to worry, it’s nothing paranormal. In fact, this is a clear indication that your stone has been well cared-for by past owners.

Even if your concern about smell persists, you may be able to do something simple to improve the fragrance of your stone. If you’re still concerned about the scent, there are a few things that can be done to freshen up your moldavite. Put the stone out in sunlight to remove any remaining odors and let it breath.

Inner Vision Crystals wants to make sure that consumers are getting the most value from their stones. Take a look at the moldavite stones today to see all of the exciting possibilities. And don’t be deterred by the smell!

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