Basic Plumbing Tools That Every Plumber Must Have

Home care and maintenance is a regular and ongoing process of maintaining the house to avoid damages, san diego plumbers issues and leakages.

It’s a credit to homeowners that many of them now understand the value of owning basic tools, gadgets, and DIY kits for jobs and repairs they can do themselves, without needing to make an appointment to have a contractor or a plumber come out and fix things, which would leave a big hole in their pocket. The right tools can make plumbing repairs easy for a plumber. To get the job done, you don’t need to buy a complete set of tools or expensive machinery. Basic necessities are sufficient.

The following basic plumbing tools can be found:

1. The Adjustable Wrench is an essential tool in any plumbing kit. This tool is used to remove compression nut, angle stops and faucet supply lines. It can also be useful when screwing on or removing shower heads for cleaning. It is best to use a wrench that does not slip even when under tension.

2. The Basin Wrench is a very useful tool for loosening taps, washers, and pipes in hard-to-reach places. It is best to choose one that has a 90-degree telescoping shank.

3. Compression Sleeve Puller – If a home uses CPVC, PEX, or copper tubing for the water supply pipes there will likely be compression angle blocks. This handy tool allows you to remove the nut/sleeve from the pipe without damaging it or unscrewing the angle stops.

4. Tongue-and-groove Pliers: A plumber will never be seen without a pipe nut; today, channel locks are used instead. The channel locks are a great tool for most plumbing tasks. It is better to have different sizes of pliers for different jobs if you are going to use pliers. They are best used in pairs. The first one is for unscrewing and the second to stabilize the pipe.

5. Pipe Wrench- Although not used as much as they once were, plumbers still find this tool extremely useful to handle metal and iron pipe. A pipe wrench with good leverage is required to remove fittings such a pressure regulators and yard hydrants. A few different-sized wrenches are a great option.

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