Combi Ovens, what are they?

These ovens offer the most versatility as they combine three different cooking modes in one unit helpful hints. Also called combi steamers or dry ovens with fans, they can use either a still heat or a combination of both. They also have the ability to add steam when required.

Combi-Ovens offer a wide range of benefits. The Combi-Oven creates beautifully tender roasted meats. As the food is heated in a steamy environment, it will not lose moisture.

By steaming your vegetables instead of boiling them, you can preserve their natural color and flavour. Combination ovens are a great way to maintain the delicate taste and texture of seafood.

They are perfect for baking as they distribute heat evenly. All baked goods are cooked perfectly.

You don’t need to keep pre-cooked meals hot. They can be brought quickly to serving temperatures.

Combi ovens can be used to fry dry food like chips, using oil that is already in the food.

You may be afraid that cooking two different dishes in the oven at the same time will cause them to taste similar. Some ovens include a feature that automatically cleans the oven.

Combi Ovens comes in various sizes and will fit any size kitchen. The same applies to independent caterers and small kitchens. Most people still think of large Combi Ovens, which are found in larger commercial kitchens. By examining the quantity and type of foods that will be used, you can decide what size oven is needed. The best suppliers will calculate and advise you on the most appropriate options.

You may want to ask a number of questions before purchasing a new oven. What about a water-filtration unit? What is needed to install the oven and how do you use it? How easy it is to clean the oven and use it.

The higher-priced models usually have a built-in filter, while the budget-friendly models do not. You will have to use an outside system. Filtration must be performed to avoid accumulation of scale in the oven cavity or on the parts of the appliance.

Combi-ovens are available either with electricity or gas. If you want to use larger ovens, it’s also necessary to have three phase electricity. You will also need drainage and water. The smaller ovens usually have a reservoir built in that must be manually filled.

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