GIS Aerial Maps-Discover The Many Uses

GIS (Geographic Information System) is technology that provides a new way to create and use maps necessary to manage communities and industries. GIS can create super maps with sophisticated planning and analysis at the touch of a button. GIS aerial maps can enhance any GIS mapping project. Aerial imagery provides powerful visual aids and can provide information such as landcover, terrain, change detection, vegetation, and so on

There are many geospatial software applications available today. Companies, agencies, and organisations around the world use this technology to transform manually created maps and associated descriptive data into digital databases. GIS aerial maps and geospatial system were once a costly tool for large organizations.

Geographic information system technology is commonly used in scientific investigations, natural resource management like forestry, agriculture and oil and gas exploration. It also helps with environmental impact assessment and urban planning. GIS and GIS Aerial Maps may be used in many activities such as GIS base mapping or corridor mapping, tax and property mapping, flood analysis, environmental monitoring, coastal erosion studies, tax mapping, and environmental monitoring. Although it may sound cliché, you can probably think of many other uses for GIS that are not listed here.

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