Home Energy Services- Energy Efficient Measures

An energy-efficient business or home is key to operating at a high level. It’s shocking to see how many people and businesses waste their money on inefficient homes. Visit https://bendhes.com/ before reading this.

How would you treat your car if you didn’t have it checked out or had its oil changed? No. It’s not worth ignoring your home or company. A home energy services company may be able to give you an assessment. These companies will perform an assessment of your home and help you choose the most energy efficient solutions for your home or company.

Building envelope infiltration and exfiltration are the most common causes of wasted electricity in homes or businesses. The building exterior is separated by the building’s building envelope. This includes windows, walls and insulation. Common sources for air leakage include cracks or other openings in an envelope such as doors, skylight seams. Dampers, attics and around electrical outlets.

Sealing, weather stripping and insulating, are the most efficient and cost-effective energy-saving measures.


Sealing your home will stop drafts. Ensuring that pipes are sealed, electrical sockets are protected with gaskets and windows and doors is a great way to cut down on energy losses. Air leaks can result in as much heat loss as 25%.
Weather stripping

This can seal any air leaks in your property or business. Leakages are more common near movable joints, such as doors and windows. Before you can apply weather stripping, you must first detect air leaks and evaluate your ventilation needs.


Your initial investment in home attic insulation will usually yield a quick return. It is important to remember that increasing air tightness will affect other aspects of your property, such IAQ and relative humidity. In some cases, increasing the insulation in your attic to improve the quality of your home’s insulation can immediately reduce your energy costs by one-third.

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