How to Prepare for Cosmetic Surgery

Many patients asked me whether they thought they were prepared for the palstic procedures. Preparing for Plastic Surgery requires a complex answer to a seemingly simple question. The plastic surgeon cannot answer all of the patient’s important questions, check this out.

Answers are not yes or nos. This depends more on things other than the topic at hand. These are factors that a person should take into consideration before undergoing cosmetic surgery. Although there are many articles about surgery preparation, the three I have listed below I consider to be most important.

Research the doctor or procedure you want to undergo. Internet information can sometimes be inaccurate or false. The internet is full of information that can be very useful. Prepare your questions in advance and conduct some research. As the time with your doctor is limited, you cannot expect to cover all topics. Are you interested in being responsible for your own learning?

Do you have the money to get plastic surgery done? Money decisions in life are often driven by wants rather than needs. In addition to not being able to do so, it’s neither my job or mine decide if this is an appropriate way to spend money. I want to help patients make informed decisions about their treatments by educating them on the costs. In evaluating financial feasibility you need to consider…how much cushion do you have in case complications occur? You may have to extend your time frame or incur additional expenses if complications occur. It is important to leave yourself with some financial room if you intend on having elective surgery. It’s not uncommon for patients to be unhappy with their cosmetic surgery.

Last but not least, you must accept the fact that problems will arise. It’s not like I don’t see them. Plastic surgery complications in most cases are small and easy to resolve. The same as with car accidents, the risk is that there will be negative consequences. Not only do other people experience this. This is something that you should consider psychologically. You will always be surprised at how long it takes to recover from most types of cosmetic surgery. This is not something you’ll see in magazines. Also, it is more difficult for patients to overcome an unpleasant experience after surgery.

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