Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments To Rejuvenate The Face

Laser skin-resurfacing treatments under local anaesthesia are used to rejuvenate facial skin, stimulate new collagen growth, remove shallow scars or fine lines, as well as reduce wrinkles. Liposuction and laser treatments can be combined. For instance, if excess fat has been removed from the jawline and chin area, skin may become saggy. The laser can be used to smooth out and tighten up the skin after liposuction click to read more.

Skin lasers can be used to remove the outer layer of your skin and reveal a younger, healthier looking appearance. The Laser also heats deeper skin layers, stimulating new collagen growth. Lasers could be used for specific areas of the facial area or to cover the entire face. Facial Treatments can cause changes in the pigmentation of skin and are not recommended by most dermatologists for people who have dark skin. Facial wrinkles are caused by the repetitive muscle movements that we do as we grow older. Factors such as diet, sun exposure, and smoking may also influence the skin’s aging process. Skin laser treatment can be used for acne scars removal, birthmarks removal, fine wrinkles removal and skin pigmentation.

Because laser facial treatments are done under a local numbing agent, you are awake throughout the procedure and can go back home after the laser treatment. After the treatment you may have some discomfort. To relieve this, an analgesic will be required. Skin redness can last up to 6 month and may take two weeks to heal. Protect your skin by wearing sunscreen for the next 12 months. One laser treatment should result in some improvement of the skin, but it may require repeated treatments to achieve desired results. It is important to discuss expectations with the therapist and how many sessions will be needed.

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