Moldavite is used in the creation of certain accessories

Moldavite jewellery includes bracelets, earrings and pendants. Are these pieces made from real moldavite or are they too delicate to be used – find out more?

Moldavite has many uses, and it is easy to transform into other items. But you need a good touch for this. Moldavite can be fragile and should therefore only be worked with carefully to prevent breaking.

Moldavite may be turned into a gemstone through cutting and polishing. This is the commonest way to turn it into jewellery. Moldavite in rough form is meticulously cut into an oval and polished to high gloss. By letting Moldavite’s unique color and texture shine through, this creates an incredibly beautiful sculpture.

Moldavite also can be made into necklaces or earrings by encasing them within metal frames. Metal frames are used after carefully drilling into the Moldavite. Using this technique, you can display the Moldavite in a safe and classy way.

Moldavite, when wire-wrapped as a jewelry accent, can also be used. For this, the Moldavite must be decoratively wrapped with tiny wire. This technique gives jewelry a distinctive touch while protecting the Moldavite.

Moldavite’s extra care is well worth the effort, as it requires special attention during processing. Moldavite accessories and jewelry are popular among crystal and jewelry enthusiasts due to the extraordinary beauty of these items.

Moldavite, if it is part of your jewelry collection, can be transformed into an array of stunning accessories. Pick a jeweler that has the experience to handle this precious gemstone with care.

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