New Home Plumbing: 5 Essential Installations

Getting your hands on the keys is not enough for a home buyer. Other factors to be considered include interior design, landscaping and furniture, as well as accessories

The installation of plumbing fixtures will be a major part of your new home. You should familiarize yourself first with the local codes. These vary from one state to another, and even council to council. You should also always choose licensed new home plumbers in order to guarantee 100% efficiency. This is your home after all. The best interior designer in your city cannot turn it into the dream home you want. We will now look at the plumbing systems that are essential and should not be overlooked.

Plumbing Fixtures

Installation of showers and tubs can be done before walls and doors are constructed. Be sure to cover the new elements, such as a shower unit, with old blankets, rugs or cardboard. These coverings prevent scratches from the new plumbing fixtures. The sinks, commodes, and their connections can be set up and connected after the walls have been finished and the flooring laid.

Water Supply

Water supply systems are essential to any new home’s plumbing. When installing, make sure to adhere to local regulations. The main water pipe should enter your home below the frostline. It should be split into two channels, one for normal water and another to connect the hot water system. Ask new Mandurah home plumbers to use a manifold so that you can turn off one without affecting main water supply.

Vent pipes

Every drain should have its own vent pipe. The vent pipes have a diameter of about 2 inches and provide a constant flow of air. They can be connected to the vent stack or roof exit, depending on your house’s structure. Vent pipes are located behind the sink. They can prevent water logging to a large extent.

Drain Traps

All plumbing fixtures must be fitted with U-shaped pipe to keep sewer gases out of the house. This also keeps the environment clean. Drain traps are required for all sinks including showers and bathtubs. However, the commode has its own drain trap at the bottom.


This is a must! Drain pipes are a simple task for plumbers who install new homes in Mandurah. The waste drains are run through the stack to drain the water down into the main sewer. After that, they exit the home, and connect with the municipal sewer system or personal septic systems. A house purchase is an experience that you will never forget. You can make the experience even more fun by combining the right resources with affordable plumbing services. You will love your new house!

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