Plumbing Alternatives: How To Unclog Toilets Without A Pistol

Just as you are about to flush the toilet, suddenly, the water is rising towards the top of the toilet. You panic and your eyes begin to widen as you watch the water rise towards the top of your toilet. There’s nothing you could do. You’ve probably all been there. You might not be capable of fixing the embarrassment but you can resolve small plumbing issues like a blocked toilet. The solution most people see is sticking in the plunger. This can work, but you must use the right technique. There are other techniques and ideas that you can use to make your job easier san diego plumber online.

If you see your water level rising alarmingly quickly and are still conscious of it, turn off the water. You will find a small knob at the base of the toilet. To shut off the flow, turn it tight. This will prevent flooding. Do not flush it again if it appears that there is no overflow. You can always fall for it, especially if your water is draining out. But a second flush will increase your plumbing woes. As much as you can allow the water to drain out of your bowl. If the bowl isn’t draining fast or doesn’t seem to be draining, you can use a cup of coffee or a cup of tea to get rid of some water. Before trying to unclog the obstruction, you will want to drain most of the water from the bowl. To stop them getting wet or stained, remove any rugs and towels from the floor. You can also cover the floor with old rags or newspaper if you have it.

Most people will rely on the plunger for all their plumbing problems. It is better to look elsewhere for a solution before you rush to grab the plunger. Take some dish soap out and use it to clean the toilet. The soap will dissolve in hot water. However, it should not boil as this could cause the soap to crack. As the clog begins to dissolve, the water level should drop within five minutes. If the bowl is not nearly full, you can flush it. But be careful, as an overflow could result if you fail to remove the clog.

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