RHEL Managed Services offers many advantages to business

Containers enable teams to achieve faster innovation and better business outcomes. Complexity is an issue. This is because building and maintaining an infrastructure for containers can be complex. The question to ask is: do you have time or the necessary expertise to manage your Kubernetes configuration, update it and make sure its security? RHEL Managed Services is designed to reduce operating complexity. This gives you time to build and scale business applications. What is the benefit to your company? find article source.

Effectiveness and time-savings

This dashboard offers clusters that are managed fully by a self-service within minutes. Deployment of applications, testing the apps and creating new ones has seen an improvement in developer efficiency by 90%. The focus on software with added value has helped to speed up the process of getting a new product onto the market.

This includes everything from day to day operations and infrastructure.

Experts and Managed Services are Available 24 Hours a Day.

RHEL Managed Service offers a number of benefits, including SLAs at 99.95% and high levels of security. Pricing is automatically calculated, as well as the option to cover gaps caused by internal resource shortages.

Kubernetes reduces total costs of ownership.

Red Hat delivers a completely managed solution. Red Hat’s capabilities do not stop at the Kubernetes Management Plane. Red Hat is responsible for all components, including control plane. Red Hat offers a global SRE support team, available on a 24/7 basis.

Red Hat Managed Services offers more than Kubernetes. Red Hat Managed Services is a platform that adds new features, such as monitoring, logging, building pipelines, and service mesh. based on Kubernetes.

Red Hat OpenShift Management Services for public clouds are now available.

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