Science of Carpet Stains Unveiled: A Guide to the Nitty-Gritty

It’s not uncommon for us to gasp at the sight a newly spilled red wine. Did you know that the professionals who specialize in cleaning carpets in sydney, and other cities around the world are powered by magic? We invite you to dive into the mysterious world of carpet stains, and discover the secrets that make them disappear! Site map.

1. The world is full of pH-antastic things:

In stain removal, the pH scale is crucial. The range goes from acidic, to alkaline. Knowing that different stains will have a pH level helps to determine the right cleaning solution. If, for instance, you have a coffee stain that is acidic in nature, it may be best to use an alkaline cleanser.

2. Soak, Don’t Scrub:

The capillary effect causes liquids to flow sideways, and even downwards when they come into contact with carpet. Scrubbing the carpet can make the stain worse and harder to remove. How to remove stains according to science? It is best to gently blot the excess water without pushing it into the fibres.

3. It’s time to heat things up (but not always!) ):

Heat increases molecular speed. Warm water in many instances can break down the stain faster. Heat can make some stains more difficult to remove, such as blood.

4. Detergent Dynamic:

The ends of detergents are hydrophilic, which attracts water and hydrophobic, which repels it. Hydrophobic ends latch onto stain particles when applied, and hydrophilic ends bind with water. The water molecules then pull out the detergent and the stain when you rinse the carpet.

5. Enzyme Magic

The proteins in enzyme cleaners break down stains. This is especially true for organic stains like food or pet messes. The enzymes in these cleaners break down the stain, turning it into carbon dioxide and water.

6. Dealing with Oiliness

If you have greasy, oily spots, using a chemical solvent to break down the molecules of oil will make it easier for them to be removed from your carpet.

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