Selecting Your Next perfume

These days, the number of fragrances available is overwhelming. When there are so many options, it is no wonder that finding the perfect perfumes or aftershaves can be difficult.

Whether it’s to find the best perfume for the season or to choose a fragrance to fit your improved appearance and persona, finding the right scent can be challenging. But, choosing the right fragrance is still a crucial task.

In addition to finding a perfume that matches your taste and character, it is important that the scent you choose be affordable. This will allow you to purchase that fragrance again and again. In order to assist you, here are some things that you should know about perfumes before going on your search.

1. Understanding the Terminology

It is essential to know the terminology before making a choice about your new perfume. It is possible to choose a perfume purely based on smell. But it’s helpful to be familiar with how the scent is described. This will allow you better communication when you are talking to a store assistant, or understanding an online description. If you plan to buy perfume online, you should pay attention to the descriptions of each bottle.

In describing fragrances, top, mid- and base notes are often used. The term is used to refer to how a fragrance can evolve over time. This is the top note, the most prominent and strongest scent, that will quickly fade in 20 minutes. After that, the middle scent is what you get when the perfume lingers. After the initial perfume scent fades, you will be left with the base note.

In the end, what matters is not how each note smells but rather their combination and complimenting your personal scent. To make the right purchase, you need to get this part right.

2. Take Your Time

After you’ve tried the fragrance in the shop, give yourself time to consider it. Firstly, let it grow and see if it still suits you. Second, it is impossible to distinguish one scent from another in an air filled with so many different fragrances. It is best to take some time, and try on the perfume a couple of times.

Ask your family and friends what they think. All around you will experience your fragrance, so they can offer some advice about what best suits you. The tester stick is a great way to take the scent home with you. It can also give you a good idea what it will smell like when you leave the shop.

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