Selling Your Dealership and not the vehicle is the key to Buy Here, Pay Here dealer marketing

Advertise a vehicle is very simple, show a picture of the car and include the price, the mileage, as well as the features. There are a lot of dealers out there who have cars that are similar to yours. Then how can you stand out amongst the crowd, more hints?

Sell the dealership what makes you better and different! The same message should be repeated at every point of contact: from the advertising to the first phone call and the salesman to the dealer on the lot.

Make a list. I urge you to do this. List all the unique things that make your dealership stand out. The first thing I ever did after starting my career at a dealer was to make a list of all the wonderful things about our dealership. What I affectionately called the “bullet list” was created. We used the bullet-list as our motto; every employee in the dealership understood the main bullet points that made us so great. This bullet list was used in all advertising materials, whether it be print ads or business cards. Rack cards were also printed to give out. It was reiterated over the phone to the salesmen, and verbally.

What should you consider when making your bullet list?

Do you send credit reports to the bureaus of credit?

Offer you any warranty for free?

Are you a BBB accredited business?

Offer any services benefits to your clients?

Are you only offering liability insurance?

Is your vehicle certified?

What are your low down-payment options?

You offer shuttle services for customers and loaner vehicles for repairs?

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