Six Ways Your Plumbing Tells You There Is A Problem

Your best plumber San Diego system is essential to your comfort and one of the most vital systems in your house. It is a pleasure to live with when it works properly. When they don’t, it can become a terrible trial. Your normally silent plumbing will usually let you hear if something is amiss by making different noises. You can pinpoint the exact issue by listening carefully. You can hear your pipes telling you when you need a plumber.

1. The sound of a huge clunking is heard when you shut off the water. This is often referred to “water hammer” and it’s usually accompanied by vibration. It occurs because the rushing flow of water suddenly stops as it hits a valve that closes quickly. This thudding is prevented by adding air chambers to the washer and valves that close slowly. However, sometimes gaskets, etc. The valves start to shut down quickly and the air chambers fill up with water. This problem may seem like a small inconvenience but can eventually lead to damage joints and connections.

2. The sound of water flowing is louder than the usual quietness. If your toilets and sinks are not on, then there is no outlet for the water. A leak may be in the sewer line or an inbound line. It can also cause a lot of damage inside and outside your home. There are many ways that a licensed plumber can find the problem. Some use a camera that snakes along the pipes in order to visually see the damage.

3. This is a sound that occurs when water is being used in any manner, whether it’s running the tap, flushing the toilet, etc. This is usually a sign that a pipe’s mounting strap has been broken or loosened. This is an easy fix, as long as it doesn’t require you to break through a brick wall.

4. Cavitation is the cause of squealing. Often, when you flush the bathroom, you will hear this noise. It is a sign that you should change the flushing valve.

5. Uncorrected connections of pumps, washing machines and other appliances can cause your pipes vibrate. The vibration that is causing the noise can be stopped by reconnection.

6. Dripping: Who hasn’t seen a faucet drip? It’s not hard to identify the sound of a leaking faucet. Don’t ignore it. Even though the dripping from a faucet or loose joint can sound insignificant, it could cause serious damage. Ignoring a dripping faucet can cause your water bill to rise and significant damage to cabinets, walls, floors, etc. Through rot and mould. Inhaling mold can cause major health issues.

This is just a small sample of how your plumbing may communicate with you via sound. The causes of these noises aren’t always clear, but they are usually the most common. The best way to find out what is wrong with your chatty pipes is to call a professional. Do not ignore these signs. You may end up with much worse problems than just a rattling hose if you do.

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