Succulent Stories in a Spritz: Niche 11’s Ode to Tiziana Terenzi Kirke

When one first ventures into the world of perfume for men bonuses, they may not immediately think of fruity aromas. The art of fragrance lies in its ability surprise and evolve. Kirke from Tizianaterenzi is one of the best examples. The fragrance smells just like eating a luscious, juicy fruit that was plucked right out of a fantasy garden. ESNC Perfumery takes inspiration from the sensory delight of this fruity fiesta.

Imagine the most beautiful, vibrant summer day. Birds chirping with the golden sun and an orchard of the ripest, most delicious fruits. Niche 11 perfectly captures this moment. While Niche 11 revels in Kirke’s fruity glory it also makes a few joyful leaps on its own. The scent is a dance of raspberries, peaches and blackcurrants. However, it has a few twists.

Niche 11 isn’t all about the fruitiness. It’s balance. It’s all about balance.

Niche 11 is inspired by an environment that’s often associated as feminine. However, it confidently steps into the world of men’s scents, proving fragrance knows no boundaries. It invites everyone to indulge in its fruity exuberance, irrespective of gender.

Niche11 is for those who love fruity smells but are hesitant to use them. The scent is more that just a perfume. You’ll be reminded of summer picnics. Of laughter and joy with friends.

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