The Mighty Mushroom

As a youngster, whenever my family ordered pizza from the restaurant, my father would sneak mushrooms into a corner. He enjoyed them, but I insisted that one mushroom wouldn’t ruin the entire pie. I appreciate mushrooms as a special ingredient in modern cuisine. Their incredible variety of flavors and textures can be adapted to every type of food. Plus, they are great for your health. Consider this my tribute. On soulcybin review you can learn more.

Health Benefits

The health-promoting properties of edible mushrooms can rival those found in green tea or broccoli. It is believed that the first antibiotics were discovered in mushrooms. In addition to being low in calories and rich in fiber, mushrooms can also be 80-90% water. They’re low in calories, fat and cholesterol. You can also add more mushrooms to your recipes for these reasons:

They are probiotics, which is a term that describes mushrooms as helping the body fight off disease and strengthen its immune system. High levels of riboflavin are a key component of mushrooms’ probiotic properties.
Great source of potassium: Mushrooms can help lower blood pressure. One medium portabella mushroom contains more potassium that a glass orange juice or banana.
The anti-cancer field has long been focused on phytonutrients from mushrooms. The addition of medicinal mushrooms to existing cancer treatments is a common practice in many countries.


White mushrooms are available in many sizes, with a variety of colors from light to dark brown. White mushrooms in smaller sizes are commonly known as button mushrooms. These mushrooms can be purchased in almost all grocery stores. Picked white mushrooms can have mild or delicate flavors. Caps that have darkened over time develop a stronger flavor.

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