Treatment For Women Addicts

Columbia University has published a report that shows women are more susceptible to addiction than men. They also give different reasons for their use of substances. The study revealed that women were more likely to feel guilty about their addiction and be ashamed than men – more info.

Substance abuse and women

According to the findings, women blamed their drug addiction on social and psychological factors. Women cited depression, loneliness and lack of confidence. Women prefer Oxycontin over Heroin.

The study also showed that alcohol abuse among women was prevalent. The effects of substance abuse on women are vastly different. In general, more women than men show signs or addictions to drugs and alcohol. In general, women’s mental illnesses are more complicated and their symptoms worse than those of men.

Treatment options for women

A woman’s family obligations and pressures from society, culture or social norms have prevented her from receiving treatment. Women tend to put off seeking help more than men, especially if they have children. Most women with children who are addicted to alcohol or drugs will say they fear losing their kids.

The majority of addiction treatments for women tend to believe the same thing as addicted women. Women from homes where drug and alcohol abuse is a major problem are more likely to be addicted, according to these women. According to the majority of women’s addiction treatment programs, drug and/or alcohol abuse is prevalent in many families.

The women’s treatment strategies for addiction are focused on the therapy of the individual past. In particular, they focus on past events that could be at the core of substance abuse. Couples sessions and individual sessions can be part of the counselling process. This is especially true when drug or alcohol abuse plays a major role in relationships.

You can get help

Your addiction may be overcome in a matter of weeks. As a result, toxic chemicals are removed from your system by medical detox. It may take several weeks to a few month, depending on how much you abuse substances. After that, enrolling in a treatment program will ensure you stay drug- and alcohol free. You can choose between 12-step programs or programs which do not adhere to the 12 Steps. The two programs offer either outpatient or inpatient services.

Consider an outpatient program, as you may not be able to leave your children while you get treatment. All options should be considered. All options should be considered.

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