What are the benefits of exterior residential painting?

Maintaining a home’s value is important to most people. In this case, a high-quality residential exterior painting contractor is your best friend. Painting the outside of your house can give it a new and updated look, which will increase its value. Preparation is key, whether you hire a pro or decide to do it yourself – go here.

Primers should always be high-quality. It will work on both painted and bare surfaces. Primer is essential to ensure that the topcoat looks as you desire. Pressure washing is the first step, depending on your siding type and condition. It will also remove any dirt, mildew and wasp nests. Then, remove all loose paint and sand the surface to prepare the home for primer. You can remove mildew by using a cleaner that contains bleach. A mildew inhibitor may be necessary if you reside in an area with high humidity or near water. Only a properly done exterior residential paint job will be effective.

You may need to seal any gaps in brick or siding. Use the right caulking on every surface. You can save time by doing it correctly the first go around. Check your gutters and flashing for any peeling paint. Remove it with a metal or strong brush. Primers are available both for metal and siding. Oil paints will still mildew, even though acrylic paints do not. Use something to slow down the growth of mildew if this is a problem at your home.

Masonry poses other problems. It may have a tendency to leach into your paint coating if it’s older than five years. Muriatic acid, diluted as per the directions on container can help to avoid this. It is important to take precautions as this acid can be very powerful. Safety glasses and rubber gloves are essential.

Applying masking tape to doorknobs, light fixtures and other non-movable items will make the cleaning process much easier. The extra time is worth it in the end. It is time-saving to protect shrubs, pathways and common areas that do not require painting.

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