What Facial Surgery Can Do for You

The sheer number of treatments and options available is enough to make most consumers unsure about which procedure or option they should select. If you decide to seek out a plastic surgeon, it is important that you do your research on both the doctor and treatment. It is common for potential patients to think that having a facelift makes you look more stretched-out or tight. Nothing could be farther from the truth. An excellently done facelift is not visible. The surgery was probably not well done if you can be told by a stranger that you underwent facial plastics. They will know if someone has had facial plastic surgeries that have been done well if the person looks very young for their age. Recommended site?

The facial rejuvenation process can take many forms. Treatments vary in their level of invasiveness. It is common for patients to be confused when comparing the possible results from Botox vs. fillers. The purpose of surgery is to remove sagging skin and tissues which have drooped due to gravity, ageing or both. Botox works by blocking nerves. In fact, it prevents facial muscles to respond to signals transmitted by the nerves. If muscles do not move the wrinkles on top of them appear to be smoother. Botox has the unfortunate side effect of causing an unnatural frozen appearance. I therefore choose to not use Botox on my patients. Fillers come in different forms that can be used as injections into the wrinkled area to soften lines. There are different fillers that last between four months and two years.

My opinion is that when there are signs of aging on the face such as wrinkles furrows sagging, sagging, and sagging, a three-pronged approach, which includes fillers, skin care and surgery, will produce better results. A lack of any three prongs will result in a less satisfactory outcome. Patients can find it hard to choose the right surgery for themselves. The majority of patients desire the best results with a long lasting effect. But some are willing to take shortcuts, which may be less costly and come with a quicker recovery. Some of the more popular procedures aren’t lasting, even though they may be expensive. You can avoid this by consulting with a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon that performs 25 or more facelifts every year.

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