What is Ganoderma and can this herb help to boost your immunity system?

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What if natural remedies could help you boost your immune system and give you more energy? Why do chemically made pills often fail to work? Or work in a manner that requires another pill, just to offset the previous one’s effect? It wasn’t too long ago that I found something known as Ganoderma Lucidum, or Reishi. (In Japan, this is also called Lingzhi by the Chinese). The red mushrooms I researched led me to this herb that is also known as “The king of herbs” in Asia.

What exactly is Ganoderma Lucidum?
The red mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum is also called Reishi or Lingzhi by the Chinese, and Yeongji by Koreans. It’s also called ‘The Herb Of Spiritual Potency’ and the 10,000 Year Mushroom’. Due to its benefits for health and lack of side-effects, it is often referred to as the “ultimate herbal mushroom”.

You need to know the best way to harvest the herb and how it can be utilized to its maximum capacity. This medicinal mushroom tastes bitter and is not something that many people would want to try.

Herbs help to maintain your body’s balance. This herb is wonderful for your organs. It helps with respiratory and asthma problems. This mushroom is a powerful protector against disease and disorder. It is safe for every age.
The Research of the University
Scientists have found that this bitter mushroom contains high levels of these four ingredients (which boost the immune systems):
This increases the oxygen absorption in cells.

-triterpenes : builder (makes digestive system stronger, liver and heart muscles are strengthened)

It also improves pancreatic function. Improvement of pancreatic functions.


Ganoderma is the magic herb that mankind has known so far. Natural ingredients found in this herb are astonish many scientists, as well as people who have started to use the herb.
While it can be bitter at first, if you mix it with, say, gourmet coffee beans, which have hardly any caffeine in them, the flavor is wonderful. This gives coffee drinkers who are addicted to caffein a healthier alternative.

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