When To Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Vacuuming carpets daily or weekly will help remove loose dirt and dust such as hairs, dust, etc. Over time, it will become necessary to thoroughly clean the carpet to remove dirt and stains that are not coming out our site. It may be necessary to do a deeper cleaning if your carpet is still dirty or dull. The frequency of carpet cleansing is dependent on the amount traffic. If your carpets are used by children and pets, then you should clean them at least three or six times a year. You may need to clean your carpets at least once every three months or six months if you or others in your office or home smoke. Smoking can leave odors and stains on the carpets. Professional carpet cleaners, as well as carpet manufacturers, recommend that if you live alone or have a relatively low-traffic office or apartment you should clean your carpet once a month or once every one and half years.

The type of carpet you buy will depend on the frequency with which you clean it. Carpets made out of natural fibers (such as wool, silk, and cotton) can withstand deeper cleanings and more frequent cleanings than carpets with blended fibers or synthetic fibers. With the right cleaning techniques, you can actually prolong the life span of your carpet. This is because the fungi bacteria and soil that are found in your carpet slowly degrade it.

Deep cleaning involves removing dirt that is deeply embedded, removing stains, and, in some cases, using water. Therefore, it is essential to remove the entire amount of water used to avoid damage to your carpet or flooring. The different methods available to thoroughly wash your carpet include hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning), dry compound extraction (also called dry foam extraction), and dry extraction with dry foam. You may choose to clean the carpets yourself, or you can hire professionals. You may choose to buy commercial chemicals or use homemade cleaning products. To clean your carpet with hot water extraction, if it is something you do yourself, then you will have to rent a carpet cleaning device. The water will be removed.
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