Where Do Hazardous Wastes Go After Disposal?

The majority of hazardous waste generators will not even know the destination or fate of their waste when they package and containerize it for transportation and disposal. It may be sent to a Environmental Protection Agency approved facility for end disposal. They all have their pros and cons, more help?

In general, liability is reduced the higher a waste disposal costs. Asbestos-based wastes and Radioactive Wastes should only be landfilled. Mercuric Salts can sometimes be directed to a Secure Chemical Landfill because incineration releases airborne contaminants. These high-tech, new landfills feature a layer of non-permeable material that seals itself. A Professional Engineering Consultant firm has approved a plan that includes liquid and vapor monitors. State and Federal Authorities are also in agreement with the design. It is possible to catalog the content for later removal.

An organic liquid waste of high British Thermal Unit (BTU), can be Blended Fuels, and then sold to a Cogeneration plant as a feedstock. To ensure the absence of Poly Chlorinated Diphenyls or any suspected contaminants in non-virgin waste products, samples and testing must be conducted.

This process neutralizes liquids either acidic, alkaline or inorganic. In essence, a batch-tank is being treated to reach a neutral pH. Metals precipitate and liquids are released after they have met EPA criteria. The dried precipate is then captured, contained, & transported to Secure Chemical Landfill.

Stabilization refers to a method of handling materials that either cannot be retrieved or the costs are prohibitive. It is possible for Mercuric Salts …., radioactive materials, or other substances to leach from the soil into the water table. These items are stabilized and then kept in a Secure Chemical Landfill, where they will be monitored and will last an undetermined period. In a way, the process is like mixing a batch or cement then adding in hazardous substances.

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